The 13th China(International) B2B Display System Industry Leaders Summit

The 4th Shenzhen(International) Smart-Display Vision Expo

September 16-18, 2021 Hall 7&8, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

The 13th China(International) B2B Display System Industry Leaders Summit
The 4th Shenzhen(International) Smart-Display Vision Expo

1.The 13th China (International) business display system industry leaders summit  

CBDs leaders summit gathered many leading figures in the industry to speak out and explore new trends, new technologies and new patterns of the industry. It has received high attention from both inside and outside the industry and has been widely recognized by colleagues from the political, business, industrial, business, media and academic circles. It is an annual forum with great influence in the field of smart business in China. At present, it has successfully held 12 sessions of high-end leaders summit, which is known as the industry wind vane in the industry. The summit adopts the mode of "main forum + parallel sub forum" every year, covering all scenarios and fields of commercial display industry application, playing the functions of leading, forecasting, sharing and communication. The last CBDs held 6 summit forums and 32 keynote speeches, which attracted Huawei, Samsung, Shiyuan, Honghe, Wenxiang, Haikang, Dahua, Microsoft, poly, Hisense, Changhong, Lehman, clent, shendecai, Youda, kangguan, Skyworth, Bank of China, Lindian intelligence, langguo, Xunbao, Xingxin Xiangyin, Huake Chuangzhi, Zhiwei intelligence, Kangli, Nanyi, Lianji, Xinlian Many excellent business display enterprises at home and abroad, such as youse, entrepreneurs (representatives), experts and scholars, media representatives, investors, etc. gathered together. More than 1000 people contributed to the development of business display industry and gathered the industry consensus together. This indicates that the summit has become an important exchange platform for the industry to discuss the latest technology in the future and study the future development trend.



The summit of Shangxian high-end leaders, the annual selection and award ceremony of Huaxian award, the N + Forum and professional seminar, and the release of Shangxian authoritative white paper were held at the same time.


2.2021 Huaxian Award  

A. Introduction to the selection
Huaxian award, 2021 China business display brand value and innovative application evaluation, jointly organized by China business display system industry alliance and Shenzhen business display system Industry Promotion Association, has been successfully held for 12 consecutive times, which is one of the most important evaluation activities in the business display industry.
Huaxian prize, which has the reputation of "Nobel Prize" in the smart business display industry, is the highest honor award in the industry. The purpose of the award is to recognize and encourage the famous brands and excellent enterprises in various fields of smart display industry with outstanding performance and outstanding achievements, urge them to innovate and break through with great courage, and play a model benchmarking role in the industry, thus forming rigorous, innovative and innovative Have a good industry atmosphere. As one of the most recognized and valued industry honors of intelligent business display industry, the selection of Huaxian award has been widely concerned both inside and outside the industry.


B. Award setting
Award Name:
1.Famous brand award


2.Innovative product award


3.Solution Award


4.Creative Application Award
Note: in recognition of the current market practical application, it is reflected in visual effect, interactive experience, content design, operation mode, etc., and it is selected as the creative application in the fields of retail, advertising, transportation, finance, etc.


Shangxian authoritative white paper released